Oil Filtering SystemsAsk any restaurateur, “What are your overall goals in operating your establishment?” You will most often see the answers contain these three important points:

  • Create the best tasting, best quality food
  • Profit as much as possible
  • Do this all while keeping all the employees safe
Properly filtering your oil helps you achieve all three of these goals. The process helps remove lingering flavors left from previously cooked food, helping you to produce a fresh tasting, crisp, fried meal. In doing this, it also greatly extends the life of your cooking oil, helping decrease oil cost and increasing your profit. Finally, our filtering system is much safer than traditional cone filtering methods. This helps keep your employees much safer, your kitchen cleaner and your insurance premiums down.

How it Works

    Boil Out Puck
  • Start with a clean fryer. Putting clean oil into a dirty fryer is counter-productive. Before loading your fryer with new cooking oil, boil the fryer out with our fryer puck. It removes stuck-on grime from your fryer in those hard-to-reach places. It’s quick, easy and non-toxic. After the quick boil-out process, you are ready to add fresh oil and start frying for the day.
  • When you are ready to filter (at the end of the shift or day), turn your fryer off. Immediately add R.F. Hunter Filter Powder.
  • Put a new, clean filter on the machine’s filter screen.
  • Begin draining the hot oil into the filter machine’s container.
  • Turn the filter machine on. Pump and cycle.
  • Once the sediment has been sprayed from the bottom of the fryer cooking area, close the fryer drain and continue to fill the fryer with the cleaned oil.

Filter Powder

The Benefits of R.F. Hunter Filter Powder
Item Number (FP22)

R.F. Hunter filter powder remarkably extends the life of your cooking oil by removing microscopic impurities during the filtering process. In fact, the majority of operators report a 100% increase in oil life, saving them 50% in annual cooking oil cost! Our powder is made of magnesium silicate. Unlike diatomaceous earth, our powder is approved by NSF and FDA. This is the ONLY filter powder you will find in large Quick Service Restaurants.

It’s incredible how it works! Our powder is heat activated at three hundred degrees (the temperature you should be filtering at anyway). Simply pour a scoop of the powder into the oil when you are ready to filer. The powder immediately spreads out, attacking the tiny impurities that will escape your filter. It attaches to carbon deposits and free fatty acids preventing them from passing through the filter. These are the impurities that break down your oil and cause unwanted smells and taste to remain. It’s that simple. R.F. Hunter filter powder equals clean oil.

That’s the story behind this great product. Typically, all of the operators who sample our filter powder end up replacing their current powder, regardless of what it is. Nothing works better.

Why R.F. Hunter

There are other fry oil filter companies out there. Why choose R.F. Hunter?
Below are some points that make us stand out above our competition.

  • Cycle method filters ENTIRE fryer
  • Removable pre-filter for two-cycle filtering
  • NSF, ETL Certified
  • Works with filter powder to filter microscopic particles
  • Competitively priced
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Safe, fully enclosed power unit
  • Safety splash guard
  • All stainless steel / nickel plated steel
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Removable power unit
  • Sturdy handle for transport and support
  • Strongest, safest disconnects
  • Strongest motor in the industry
  • Several capacity options
  • Pioneer in the fry oil filter industry