We’ve been providing oil filtering equipment to customers all over the world since 1945. We started as a small, family-owned business, earning a reputation for building the highest-quality filtering systems while providing top-notch customer service. Three generations later, R.F. Hunter is still providing unparalleled service while manufacturing the industry’s strongest, most powerful and effective filtering systems available. We are proud to be part of successful kitchens everywhere.

R.F. Hunter is located in Dover, NH, USA. There are members of our small team who have been with us for over 25 years. We are proud to say that these very people will answer the phone when you call; not a computer. If you look around in your community of kitchens, you will find our filtrator machines and supplies. Please ask these chefs, managers and owners about their experience with us. You will hear words like “quality”, “service”, “value” and “savings”. Ask them. They are part of the R.F. Hunter family too.

You will find our machines and supplies in small, quick-service restaurants, major chains, grocery store bakeries, cafeterias, cruise lines and the World’s largest theme parks. We can accommodate your existing cooking facilities, new state-of-the-art kitchens, or create custom assemblies based on your unique requirements. If you need to deviate from our line of filtrator machines, we can engineer to your specific needs.

Your guests will taste the difference when they bite into their fresh, crisp meal. Your kitchen will be cleaner and your staff safer with reduced handling of hot oil. Finally, your budget will benefit from drastically reduced fry oil costs. With R.F. Hunter, everybody wins.

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In 1945 after graduating from the local culinary institute, Robert Hunter started a classic fish & chip restaurant in Quincy, Massachusetts. In order to get the traditional New England flavor, he knew he had to find a way to make sure the cooking oil was light and pure. He had the recipe just right and a great following of customers. He needed to solve a new challenge: how to change and reuse hot oil safely without causing injury to himself or his crew.

The Challenge of Safe Oil Filtration

The safety issue kept Mr. Hunter awake at night. Being an engineer at heart, he started experimenting with industrial designs in his garage. After testing several prototypes, he designed the perfect oil filtration machine allowing kitchen staff to safely and efficiently filter resulting in clean and reusable oil. He immediately saw the commercial implications of his design and launched a company to sell his new product.

RF Hunter in the Early Days

By 1952, Hunter received a patent on his invention. During those early days, his family sewed filter bags out of cotton fabric to supply the machines for his customers. He ventured out to sell his new product to Dunkin Donuts, Howard Johnsons and a burger chain or two. Sales were made one restaurant at a time, from the back of his car, where he would demonstrate the equipment and tell his story as a restaurant owner and chef.

Family Owned & Operated for 70 Years

Today, RF Hunter has expanded to a full manufacturing operation with distribution channels selling our machines and supplies throughout the United states, Canada, Central America and Europe. We are found in quick service restaurants, cruise lines, large restaurant chains, cafeterias and the world’s largest theme parks. We keep one foot forward in technology and innovation while keeping the other planted firmly locally with a small business, family-owned attitude. .