Welcome to RF Hunter.

The RF Hunter name stands for quality, safety, and durability. We’ve been providing oil filtering equipment to customers all over the world since 1945. You’ll find our brand on the finest cruise ships, in world-class hotels, fast food chains, or at your local diner.

Whether you’re a hotel, university, entertainment complex, casino, country club, or ski resort your guests want to experience your fine dining. RF Hunter is the oil filtration system of choice for you.

We can accommodate your existing cooking facilities, new state-of-the-art kitchens, or create custom assemblies based on your unique requirements.

Your guests will taste the difference when they bite into their fresh, crisp meal. Your kitchen will be cleaner and your staff safer with reduced handling of hot oil.

Our customer service staff will provide supplies for your on-going needs, or you can simply order more though the website.

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